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NC Resources

This is a listing of books and web sites that I've found useful and/or interesting that deal primary with North Carolina non paddling activities. I've provided a short review/description of the listing.

Fall in NC stream
Fall in NC


I love books and am always on the lookout for good ones. Here are some that I've found especially useful and interesting.

Exploring North Carolina's Natural Areas Edited by Dirk Frankenberg. This book describes 38 tours of parks, nature preserves and hiking trails in North Carolina. It covers the entire state from the coast to the mountains.

North Carolina Waterfalls by Kevin Adams. This is the definitive guide to most (if not all) the waterfalls in North Carolina. I doubt that there is a waterfall in NC that is not covered by this book or the website North Carolina Waterfalls..

Trails of the Triangle Over 400 trails in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill Area I live in Durham and found that I didn't know most of these trails. We're wokring on correcting our oversight

Fog in NC mountains
Fog in NC Mountains

100 practically perfect places in North CarolinaProvides information on many great places in NC. A nearly practically perfect place in a place that interesting and easy to get to. There are waterfalls, cities and towns, lakes, etc. Pick one of the trips in the book and plan on having a great time.

Off the Beaten Path North Carolina

Blue Ridge Music Traila of North Carolina If you're interested in the music of North Carolina, this is a must have book. Covers the history, places, and people who make Blue Ridge Mountain music what it was and what it is. Includes a CD.

Our State Magazine Monthly with great articles about people, places, and doings in North Carolina.

Web Resources