Paddling Echo Lake Acadia National Park

Echo Lake
Echo Lake

We selected Echo Lake Pond for our second paddle in Acadia because, like Seal Cove, Echo Lake is not as heavily used as are as many of the other ponds in the park. We expected another quiet experience with little or no company. Quiet Waters Maine provides excellent direction for getting to the boat launch.

Echo Lake is a gorgeous little lake located on the western side of Mount Desert Island just south of Somesville near Route 102. The lake has a beach that is one of the most popular swimming areas in Acadia National Park. Only part of the lake is contained in Acadia National Park.

As we expected, we had the lake to ourselves. We did see a few people walking on the beach, but we were the only kayak on the water. Because the road follows much of the lake, road noise does intrude into the feeling of being alone.

One side of the lake goes along a large chunk of granite. I guess it's what's left of the original mountains. It's quite impressive.

There is quite a bit of development around the lake in areas that are not part of Acadia National Park. Summer home with docks and swimming platforms. But the home are pretty well hidden by the trees so except for the docks, you wouldn't know that the area was developed.

Beginning of red fall colors Echo Lake Pond Plants growing out of rock Echo Lake

There were a few tree around echo lake that had turned to red. One of the interesting things at echo lake was the fact that plants see to be growing out the bare rocks around the lake.

Granite mountain Echo Lake

Granite mound Echo Lake