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Beartooth Parkway

Beartooth Parkway
Beartooth Parkway

As part of our 2013 journey from Durham, NC to Jasper Alberta Canada and back to Durham, we decided to drive from Great Falls, MT to the northeast entrance to Yellowstone National Park via the Beartooth Parkway. The Beartooth Parkway is not the quickest way to get from Great Falls to Yellowstone, but it is the most beautiful and scenic.

Beartooth Parkway Continued.

Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park contains the Mammoth Cave which is said to be the largest cave system in the world. The beauty of this national park is the shear size of the cave.

Whitewater Falls, NC

White water falls is a 411 feet waterfalls in western North Carolina on the boarder between North and South Carolina. Some claim that it is the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi. It is certainly on of the most spectacular, and in the fall when the trees are in full color is is one of the most beautiful. ...Read More

Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast of a beautiful place to visit. We were lucky enough to have a few days to visit this beautiful place

Frozen Currituck Sound January 2014

Because of much colder than normal temperatures in early January 2014 much of Currituck Sound was covered with a layer of ice. The whole sound did not freeze just the areas near the shore. Read More

Lake Louise Banff National Park,Alberta Canada
Lake Louise Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

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Lake Mattamuskeet, NC 2014

Beartooth Parkway

The Beartooth Parkway is one of the most scenic drives in the United States. The parkway climbs from about 5,200 feet to nearly 11,000 feet in some of the most beautiful country in the US. The Beartooth Parkway connects Red Lodge, Montana and Cook City, Montana.

More photos of Beartooth Parkway are at Beartooth Parkway

Lake Louise Photo Gallery

A small photo gallery of some of our photos taken at Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta Canada has been added. We had on and off drizzle during our visit there with low clouds hiding the tops of the mountains around the lake.

Yellowstone National Park 1999

I've been reviewing photos in my Lightroom library and re-discovered photos from our 1999 trip to Yellowstone National Park. I'd planned to post some of them and write up some of our observations but never got around to it. Dealing with the influx of new photos for recent trips got in the way. I've finally taken a bit of time to add photos and write up a little bit of our trip.

Kolab Canyons Zion National Park

Kolab Canyons are an often overlooked section of Zion National Park. That's a shame because the canyons provide beautiful scenary and some good hiking.

Logan Pass Glacier National Park

I've finally gotten around to working on our 2012 trip to Glacier National Park. The first part is the hike to Hidden Lake from Logan Pass I'll add more in the next few days so check back of often.

Waterton Lakes National Park Alberta 2013

In 2013 we traveled across the US to visit some of the national parks in Canada. Our first stop was Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta. We had a short visit there in 2012 and wanted to spend more time there this time. We also wanted to take the time for the boat ride across the lake, back into the US to visit the Goat Haunt section of Glacier National Park.

Goat Haunt, Glacier National Park

Brief hike in the Goat Haunt section of Glacier National Park

Hidden Lake
Hidden Lake Glacier National Park
Yellowstone falls and Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Yellowstone Falls-1999