Sunset somewhere along the road
Sunset along the road

Driving Across the US

We've made several 6,000 plus mile driving trips exploring the US. Although these trips often involved long hours driving to where we eventually wanted to be, they also provide a unique opportunity to appreciate how big, varied, and beautiful the US is. Driving across the country also allowed us to visit a few places that we would have missed otherwise. Every time we make a major trip, we say next time we'll stop and read every historical marker and visit every interesting city or town we come across. But of course we don't; because it would take months or years to do this. So we have to be content with stopping at a few interesting places along the way.

Minivan on the road
On the Road

On the Road

Holy City rock formation in Wyoming
Holy City Formation, Wyoming

As we drive across the country we pass famous sights such as the Arch in Saint Louis and the Royal's Baseball Stadium in Kansas City. We enjoy discovering lesser known sights. such as the Holy City Formation in Wyoming. Or we just stop and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Wyoming country side
Grain Elevator
Wooden Grain Elevator

When you drive across country, you have the chance to visit towns that you normally wouldn't. For example Woodland, WY has a great little park with monuments to the people who settled there. The statues are reminders of the people who movde west to settle the country.

Farmer plowing field with dog running in front
Worland, WY


We generally don't pay any attention to the many bridges that we cross every day. We don't think about what life was like before the bridge was built. Or if we do think about bridges we think about the major bridge--bridge across the Mississippi River, the bridges across the Missouri River at Kansas City or Saint Louis, or the Golden Gate Bridge

But when you drive across the US, you encounter lesser known bridges that are worth looking at and reading about their role in opening up travel in the US. Most of the example here are from our trips in the western US where the Colorado and Missouri Rivers are major obstacles to travel

Remains of Dewey Bridge
Remains of Dewey Bridge across the Colorado River

For example, when it was built, the Dewey Bridge across the Colorado River provided the only connection between Moab, Utah and the rest of the world. A new bridge was built in 1985 but the old wooden bridge was left in place. The original wooden bridge was burned in 2008 by a fire started by a kid playing with matches.

Navajo Bridge
Navajo Bridge
Marble Canyon in the Colorado Rive
Marble Canyon, Colorado River

The Navajo Bridge across the Colorado River at Marble Canyon was the only reliable link between Arizona and Utah. The bridge replaced the historic Lee's Ferry.

Wolf Point Bridge Missouri River
Wolf Point Bridge across the Missouri River in Montana

The Wolf Point, or Lewis and Clark Bridge across the Missouri River in Montana was built to provide year round transportation across the Missouri River. Before the bridge was built travel was via ferry in the summer by crossing on the ice on the river in the winter.

Chamberlain Bridge across the Missouri River
Chamberlain Bridge

The Chamberlain Bridge across the Missouri River in South Dakota is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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