Small pond in Pennsylvania water in foreground and trees in background
A Good Place to Paddle

Kayak Paddling in the Pennsylvania Wilds

Paddling in Pennsylvania river

The two primary reasons for our trip to the Pennsylvania Wilds were to see the elk and to find several places to paddle our kayak Nessie. The oil wells and railroads were unexpected bonuses. We found several really nice places to paddle which made the paddling part of the trip very successful. And if you visit the Elk Page you'll see that the elk part of the trip was also successful.

We found places to paddle by basically looking at the map and locating ponds and lakes and then visiting them. Because we were visiting in September, we found that many of the ponds, lakes, and rivers were very low and some were not suitable for Nessie. But we did find several places that we enjoyed.

Check out the paddling pages and if you happen to visit the Pennsylvania Wilds you might want to paddle one or more of them.