Paddling Shaggers Inn Pennsylvania 2006

Sign at Shaggers Inn Pond Pennsylvania

Shagger's Inn is a shallow water impoundment located in the Wilds region of Pennsylvania. We were in the Wilds to do some paddling and see the elk herd. Check here for directions to the pond. It's not especially easy to find with no signs off the major roads.

After the long drive from Durham, we were anxious to get Nessie in the water for an easy paddle. We were driving around looking for a likely paddling spot and found this small pond. We had seen a couple other ponds, but they didn't look very interesting. Shaggers Inn fit the bill well. It is a small pond with no wind or current to worry about. So we parked the mini van in the small parking lot, unloaded Nessie, and headed out into the pond.

The pond is one of the few nesting areas in Pennsylavania for osprey. We didn't see any during the few hours we paddled around the pond.

View of Shaggers Inn Pond

This is a scenic pond with a clump of striking white trees in the lake. We covered the whole pond is a few easy hours of paddling. We didn't see any birds or other wildlife. Just the trees and the water. But it was still a nice paddle.

White trees in Shaggers Inn Pond
Trees in Shaggers Inn Pond
Stump and plants at Shaggers Inn
In the Water