Hike to Lower Lake Grinnell 2008

Trail to Lake Grinnell
Trail to Lake Grinnell

Pair of outhouses on Lake Grinnell Trail Swaying bridge The hike from the Lake Josephine boat dock to Lake Grinnell is about 2 miles long with almost no elevation change. The trail goes through a forest past the trail to Hidden Falls and ends at Lower Lake Grinnell.

Along the way the trail passes some interesting sights. The his and hers outhouse, for example. Then there is the swaying bridge over the creek. It would be more exciting if the bridge were over a 1,000 foot deep canyon instead of a small creek.

Because there is little or no elevation change on the trail, this is about the easiest hike to an alpine lake one can imagine.

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls water fall

Hidden Falls is a small water falls a short distance off the main trail to Lake Grinnell. There is a slight uphill section to get to the falls. The falls is tucked away up a small canyon. Because the falls is more or less hidden, it is difficult to get a good view of it.

Lower Lake Grinnell

Lake Grinnell with waterfalls in

Lower Lake Grinnell is a crystal clear alpine lake that is fed by melting glaciers. Waterfalls coming from Upper Lake Grinnell cascade down the shear mountain side. They do not fall directly into lower Lake Grinnell.

We observed mountain goats on the mountains around us. My 300mm lens was no where near enough to get a good picture.

If we had had more time, we would have tried to hike the Grinnell Glacier Trail which goes on past Lower Lake Grinnell and up the mountain to Upper Lake Grinnell and Grinnell Glacier. This hike has an elevation change of about 1,600 feet so it is more strenuous than the easy hike to Lower Lake Grinnell. The hike is 6 miles, one way, so it is a full day trip. Perhaps next time.

Hidden Falls
Hidden Falls