Downtown Saint Marys
Georgia from St. Marys River
Waterfront, Saint Marys Georgia

Saint Mary's Georgia

We always said that we would stop at Saint Marys, Georgia on our next trip to or from Florida. The road to Saint Marys takes off from the Georgia Welcome Center so we always notice it when we return from Florida. But of course, we never did. That is until a recent trip to Florida when we had a little extra time, so we took the exit off of Interstate 95 and headed to Saint Marys.

Boat in Saint Marys River, Saint Marys Georgia
Boat in Saint Marys River

We were surprised to find that until we reached the waterfront area that we were in a moderately large city. The Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base accounts for most of the population.

The waterfront on the Saint Marys River is home to several shops and restaurant. It is also the jumping off point for the Cumberland Island National Seashore.

You can only get to Cumberland Island via boat. There is ferry service or you can use private boats. The ferry is for people only and does not allow bikes,kayaks,pets, etc.

Clouds at Saint Marys Georgia
Boats at sunset Saint Marys Georgia
Boats at sunset, Saint Marys Georgia
Fishing boat tied up at dock Saint Marys Georgia
Fishing Boat, Saint Marys Georgia

We arrived just before sunset. We walked out on the dock to look at the boats and view the sunset. We saw some pelicans flying by. Got photos of a couple of them taking life easy on the piers.

Pelican at sunset
Pelican at sunset

We were glad we stopped for the short visit. And we plan to schedule a more extensive trip there soon. We especially want to visit the Cumberland Island National Seashore.