Roosevelt Cottage Campobello
Rossevelt Cottage Campobello

Rossevelt Campobello International Park

Flowers at Roosevelt Cottage

Most people know Campobello as the summer home of President F. D. Roosevelt. The Roosevelt summer cottage is now the center of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. The park is administered by a joint US Canada commission. The center piece of the park is the 34 room cottage that has been fully restored. The grounds are very pretty with beautiful flowers.

View from Roosevelt Cottage

The view of the water from the cottage is very pretty. The tour of the house and grounds was very informative. It provided information about the history of the cottage community and FDR. Well worth the visit.

Campobello Island Views

View of boats Campobello Island

There is more to Campobello Island that the Rossevelt Cottage. First there is the East Quoddy Light and whales where we spent a great deal of time. But we found several other interesting sights on the island during our visit. For example, there are the boats floating in the water.

Boats pulled up on land at low tide

We were facinated by the boats sitting on dry land at low tide. We couldn't imagine that the boats would be floating at high tide, but they were. The tides here are extreme.

Fishing wiers
Fishing Wiers

The fishing wiers were interesting. They had to be explained to us by the people staying at the Peacock House with us. The V-shaped weirs with circular formations hold the fish during high tides.

Fish Farm Campobello
Salmon Fish Farm Campobello, New Brunswick Canada

We also saw salmon fish farms in the bay. This area hosts the world's largest Atlantic salmon aquaculture. There is considerable contraversy about the long term advisability of such large finfish farms (Salmon Aquaculture).

Rocks along Campobello Coastline

The views of the rocky coastline are beautiful as was the sunset that ended our day on Campobello.

Sunset along Campobello Coastline
East Quoddy Lighthouse
East Quoddy Light