Tall ships at harbor
Tall Ships, Maine

Along the Maine Coast

Tall ships in harbor.
Tall ships
Tall ship in dry dock.
Tall ship Under Repair
Front view of Tall Ship Heritage
The Sailing Ship named Heritage
Lobster floats on side of shed.
Lobster Floats
Rusty chain and lobster floats in Black and White.
Tools of the Trade--Chain and Lobster Floats
Unloading lobster boat
Unloading the lobster traps

As we started our drive home, we had a little bit of time to stop at some of the harbors along the Maine Coast. We wanted to look at the tall ships and visit one more lighthouse before we had to leave.

We found several tall ships in the various harbors. Unfortunately, none of them were under sail. They were all moored. Or in one case in dry dock being worked on.

One lobster boat came in to unload while we were walking around the one of the harbors. I really enjoyed the lobster while we were in Maine. The price was great-- but not so good for the lobster men.

We planned to walk out to the lighthouse. The wind was really strong. One guy on a wind surfer was having a great time. By the time we got about three quarters of the way to the lighthouse, the causeway was being overrun by the waves. So we gave up and headed back to the minivan.

On our way back, we saw a couple of lobster floats that had broken away from their traps. We took a picture or two and left the floats for their owner to recover.

Then we had to get on our way back to North Carolina and start planning our 2010 adventure.

Lighthouse with waves on causeway
Getting wet
Man getting to  lighthouse.
He made it
Lobster floats on beach
Float on beach