Visit to Lubec Maine

West Quoddy Lighthouse

West Quoddy Lighthouse in fog
West Quoddy Lighthouse--Eastern most Lighthouse in US.
Sign West Quoddy Lighthouse Eastern Most Point in US

Lubec is the eastern most town in the United States and the West Quoddy Lighthouse is the Eastern most point in the US. When we first spotted the lighthouse, the fog was just starting to come in. By the time we reached the lighthouse, the fog was quite thick and the fog horn was on.

Rocks in the Fog

The fog was thick enough, that the rocks near the lighthouse were hard to see. There are numerous rocks here, so it's easy to see why the lighthouse is needed.

If you're old enough to remember the Disney Film Pete's Dragon, this is the area where the dragon lived (Passamaquoddy Bay). We didn't see Elliott (the dragon).

City of Lubec

Bridge between Lubec and Campbollo Canada

Lubec's nearest neighbor is Campobello Island. The Island can be reached by crossing the Lubec Narrows, via the Roosevelt Campobello International Bridge.

Lubec Maine

Lubec was an active fishing harbor, but the processing plant has closed and now Lubec is trying to transform into a tourist spot.

Peacock House B and B
Peacock House Bed and Breakfast

We stayed at a very nice bed and breakfast, the Peacock House. Sue and Dennis Baker, the owners, were very helpful and fixed great breakfasts. Highly recommended.

There was a pretty church behind our bed and breakfast. We took a few pictures of it before we left Lubec for Bar Harbor.

Sacred Heart Church, Lubec Maine
Sacred Heart Church, Lubec Maine
Inside Sacred Heart Church
Interior of Sacred Heart Church Lubec Maine

There is lots to see in the Lubec area and we didn't see all of it. We spent a day visiting Campobello. Where we visited the East Quoddy Lighthouse to watch the whales and the Roosevelt Campobello International Park.