View of North Dakota Badlands
North Dakota Badlands

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Yellow sun flower at Theodore National Park
Sun Flower

In 2012 we made another cross country trip to visit some of the western national parks and other sights in the western US. Our first stop was at the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. This is one of the least visited US National Parks, mostly because of its remote location. The parks is consists of three separate division. There is a considerable distance between the 3 divisions of the park. We visited the south division of the park which is near Medora, ND.

One of the problems we encountered planning our visit to the park is that accommodations are very limited. Medora is the only town near the park and there are only a couple of motels there. On top of that North Dakota is in the middle of an energy boom and energy companies are booking places all over the state. Even planning several months in advance of our visit, we could not find a room in Medora. So we ended up staying in Glendive, Montana about 70 miles away. This limited the time we had in the park.

The park is in the North Dakota badlands. The North Dakota badlands are very different from the South Dakota badlands and don't show the erosion feature found in South Dakota.

Badlands of North Dakota hills.
Badlands of North Dakota

The park is home to buffalo (bison), prairie dogs, feral horses, elk, and deer. We saw the prairie dogs, buffalo and a feral horse.

Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog
Heard of Buffalo Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Buffalo (Bison)

This is arid country that receives little rain. The main water source for the park is the Little Missouri River. The areas near the river are green and cotton wood trees thrive there.

Wind Canyon in one of the feature in the park. The canyon features wind-sculpted sands. Wind was as much a factor in carving the canyon as was water. The trails worn by buffalo and other game are very visible.

Little Missouri River in Theodore National Park
Little Missouri River, Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Wind Canyon with game trail
Wind Canyon, Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Wind Canyon and Little Missouri River
Wind Canyon and Little Missouri River
Sand Formation in Wind Canyon
Wind Canyon, Theodore Roosevelt National Park